Vernon A - Muttons in the Morning:Radio Dj & Celebrity

"Always a treat (even to the doggies, I swear!) when we bring them to @poochimage for their grooming. Yogi is still recovering from her eye surgery and I can't think of a better groomer to cut her fur without worrying too much. Thank you Melvin, Jason and Valerie for always taking care of my baby giant each time we bring her over ❤️"

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Vernon A - Muttons in the Morning

Jayley Woo:Celebrity

"寶寶很愛他的新髮型 但寶寶不說 所以寶寶就笑 #還笑到合不攏嘴 @buibuiw #BuiBuiWoo 謝謝 @poochimage 無微不至地照顧我的寶貝"

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Jayley Woo

Grace yuki:Social Media Influencer

graceyuki Thank u @poochimage for your enduring patience in grooming my hard to handle and easily triggered cat 🐱 east siders looking for a professional and experienced groomer do check this place out ! 👍✂️

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Grace yuki

Tricia ong - Vaingloriousyou:Social Media Influencer

Came back to @poochimage to see Tintin all brown from crying when she had JUST been groomed so meticulously and fluffed up like white cotton candy by @heng_valerie. Sigh, #mystruggleisreal, I can't be out of her sight.

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Tricia ong - Vaingloriousyou

Hayley Woo JiaYi:Celebrity

Thank you @poochimage for the lovely hair cut for @buibuiw! And big shoutout for @merryloveweddings and @smittenpixels for the beautifully captured moments~ 🙆🏻💖 Looking forward to the next collaboration! #HayleyWoo

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Hayley Woo JiaYi

Jayne tham:Social Media Influencer

Only a day away from this furball and already missing her 😭 @poochimage why you cut her fur so cute?! It makes it more difficult to be away from her 😭😭😭 #poochimage #yogiandmomo

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Jayne tham

Jazliyana:Youtuber & Actor

@kikothetoypoodle‘s first experience at @poochimage was great yay!🥰 Thank you to the team who made kiko feel at home cause she was damn scared😅 Swipe to see how her grooming went!😍

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Nicole chang min:Social Media Influencer

Neat haircut by @poochimage #poochimage , been going there for the past few years 💯 #timeflies

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Nicole chang min

Gerald koh - Radio Dj & celebrity:DJ 987FM

Both doggie and daddy spent some time grooming ourselves today 💯🤣 Thanks @poochimage for @lilmissdonutdoggy's CO2 bath! Made use of the 1.5hrs of waiting for her by getting myself a hydrafacial and alphalight therapy at @cliffordaesthetics! Redness no more! @drgerardee!

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Gerald koh - Radio Dj & celebrity