Our Mini Bichon

Introducing our exquisite Mini Bichon collection at POOCHPUPS. Our miniature Bichons embody a perfect blend of charm and elegance, consistently weighing below 3kg. Renowned for their petite stature, they boast impeccable features including small, adorable snouts and large expressive eyes. Discover the joy of companionship with our Mini Bichons, where their petite frames, charming snouts, and captivating eyes come together to create the perfect furry addition to your family. At POOCHPUPS, we're dedicated to providing you with miniature Bichons that embody the epitome of quality and charm.

Our Toy Poodle

where excellence meets elegance in our distinguished Toy Poodle collection. As specialists in the art of Toy Poodle , we take pride in offering top-tier companions with impeccable quality and compact bodies. At POOCHPUPS, our commitment to perfection extends to the exquisite array of rare color variations within our Toy Poodle selection. Explore the unique beauty of our parti-colored Toy Poodles, featuring captivating shades such as silver white, black white, red white, and cream white. Additionally, our collection includes solid colors in silver, red, cream, black, and white, as well as the enchanting phantom variety. Elevate your canine companionship with our exclusive Toy Poodles, where each one is a masterpiece of elegance and charm.