Canine Pet stylist Program


This program is to be taken after the Assistant Groomer Program as it furthers the students understanding in the importance of bathing, drying and finishing skills, and expands their learning into the basic skills of grooming in accordance to the standards. Business skills will be introduced in this program to assist any future groomers in establishing their own grooming business or building their clientele within an established salon.

Practicum:  240 hours
Program:   8 weeks 


  • Hands on Advanced Bathing/ Drying/ Handling Techniques
  • Higher Recognition of Various Products/ Tools for Amazing Trims
  • Pattern Setting for all groups of dogs including mixed breeds
  • Practicing and Mastery of shaving Techniques for the Various Coat Types
  • Practicing and Mastery of scissoring Techniques for the Various Coat Types
  • Scissoring on live dogs
  • Understanding different breed types
  • Understanding different fur types 
  • Identifying Faults and Correcting them
  • Understanding Clippering Skills- use of Clipper Combs, Various Blades, Reverse Clipping, Use of Clipper Vac
  • Understanding Advanced Speed Techniques


Course                     $3800
Tools                        $ 700 

Total cost:             $ 4500

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