VVIP Credit Program aims to help our customers save more while utilising our services. This program also allows you greater flexibility in terms of services as you can utilise your credits across several selected merchants. 

Earn up to $300 worth of additional free credits when you sign up the program. Credits can be shared amongst your friends and family.
The validity of the program is 1 year from the date of purchase.

 VVIP CREDIT MERCHANT  is our trusted partners for the Vvip credit deduction.


Are the credits allow to purchase for products at pooch's image?
Answer: No, the credits is only for all services at Pooch's image and credit merchant only. 

Are the credits allow to share with more then one pet?
Answer: Yes, you can.

What if I can't use finish the credits in a year and what will happen to my credits?
Answer: Renew your credits program and the expiring balance of the credits will bring forward to a new year. 
The credit will only forfeited if you don't plan to renew.

What if my pet passed away during the validity of the program and what will happen to my credits?
Answer: The credits are non refundable, what we can do is you are allow to transfer your credits to your friends or relative and the expiry date will extend for another additional 3 months.

If I refer my friends to sign the program will I get any credits?
Answer: yes you will receive additional $20 credits into your account, please ask your friend to quote your name and contact no. The referral credits will be given only upon signing the credit program.