Dk Yap
Senior Pet Stylist (All Breed Grooming)

Dk Yap is a skilled Senior Pet Stylist with extensive experience in all breed grooming. With a keen eye for detail, Dk Yap excels in transforming pets into stunning works of art. From precise and stylish cuts to luxurious spa treatments, Dk Yap goes above and beyond to ensure the utmost care and comfort for every furry client. Their expertise extends beyond just grooming, as they are also knowledgeable in breed-specific cuts and styles. Dk Yap is dedicated to delivering exceptional results and making sure every pet leaves looking and feeling their best.

Dk Yap achieved Class B certification by the Malaysia Kennel Association under MKA Pet Grooming rules and regulations. 

He also achieved Class A certification qualification in Professional Dog Grooming under the authorised grooming rules and regulations of Singapore Kennel Club